HYPEREV spuuort better gaming experience

Better gaming experience!

HYPEREV is a router designed specifically for gaming. Along with the GearUP Booster plugin, it avoids heavy-traffic routes and redirects you to dedicated pathways, enhancing connectivity and stability.

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HYPEREV have faster loading time

Faster loading times

We reduce the distance between you and game servers, giving you a smooth and faster loading experience. No more packet loss, no more lag.

HYPEREV works on all games

Works on all games on any device

PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, Steam Deck, Oculus Quest 2, and Pico. Get the best gaming network at all times!

Product Details

HYPEREV product details
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Your perfect gaming ally!

Why should I get HYPEREV?

HYPEREV is specially made for gamers who suffer from poor internet connection and slow loading times.

Compatible with consoles and PC

You can use it on consoles like PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox, and also in gaming platforms such as Steam Deck, Oculus Quest 2, and Pico.

Do I need a GearUp Booster membership to use HYPEREV?

Yes. HYPEREV works with the GearUP Booster plugin. To utilize HYPEREV, a subscription for GearUP Booster must be acquired.

What Does A Gaming Router Do?

Many routers now prioritize bandwidth-hungry devices or applications. But gaming routers are optimized specifically for the needs of gamers. HYPEREV for all your consoles, for better gaming experience!