Gaming Powerhouse

This router is like a turbocharger for your home gaming setup, specifically optimizing network connections for top-notch performance on PCs and consoles.

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Game Ready

Think of it as your secret weapon for popular games like EAFC24 and Fortnite, delivering smooth, lag-free gameplay.

Stable and Controlled

Imagine having a dashboard for your network. Our app lets you monitor and control your gaming traffic in real-time, making your connection more stable and better than ever.

No Interference

With Wi-Fi 6, this router is like having a superhighway for your internet, reaching speeds up to 2402Mbps. Avoids traffic jams with neighbors' networks using our app, which lets you separate 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands, optimizing speed and coverage for a stable, clear connection.

Plug and Play

Setting up is a breeze. Just scan a QR code, and you’re ready to go. Adjust settings easily with our user-friendly app.

Product Details

HYPEREV product details
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Your perfect gaming ally!

Why should I get HYPEREV?

HYPEREV is specially made for gamers who suffer from poor internet connection and slow loading times.

Compatible with consoles and PC

You can use it on consoles like PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox, and also in gaming platforms such as Steam Deck, Oculus Quest 2, and Pico.

Do I need a GearUp Booster membership to use HYPEREV?

Yes. HYPEREV works with the GearUP Booster plugin. To utilize HYPEREV, a subscription for GearUP Booster must be acquired.

What Does A Gaming Router Do?

Many routers now prioritize bandwidth-hungry devices or applications. But gaming routers are optimized specifically for the needs of gamers. HYPEREV for all your consoles, for better gaming experience!